Quantum Documentation

Quantum Standard

Physics-based autonomy requires a lot of data. It also requires that data to be structured. That is, the relationships between the data need to be clear and documented. Quantum is a very sophisticated, physics-based digital twin standard that organizes and describes objects (and their datasets) in an ontology with enough granularity to enable autonomous systems.

Our goal at the Quantum Alliance is to make Quantum accessible to engineers, building scientists, manufacturers, architects, researchers, controls engineers, software engineers, and others. We’ve structured our documentation and built applications in support of this end goal.

  1. Intro to Quantum and the Quantum Object Model: A narrative introduction to what Quantum is, motivations for development, and a deep dive with examples.
  2. Quantum Explorer: An application for exploring the ontology structure, elements, and relationships in Quantum.
  3. Quantum API: For software developers looking to query and interact with the Quantum API.
  4. Demo Buildings: High-level summary of example buildings available to the general public. Users can explore how these buildings are actually represented in Quantum via Quantum Explorer or the Quantum API.